As it turns out…

As it turns out I’ve been working very hard in several projects.  Among them I’ve been working on my skills in 3d and experimenting with  Blender. I have a very big and very ambitious project that I’m still deciding if Blender is the program to go for on the development of this animation. So far it has proven to be very useful to me … I’m worried however on the character animation and other features since I’m more used to using daz studio or 3d studio for that. All in all the results have been very promising.
I’m giving some software classes to a small group of people and posting it in one of my online platforms.
Maintaining the sites has been a little slow … however I did update some information in the Baiden Region site and will be posting more as development moves forward.
Everything is moving … maybe not as scheduled but its moving which is always good.


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