More work and more fun all in one…

Recently I moved from my online education job to a previous employer of mine, Solutions by Design. They called me up and gave me a decent offer, which always comes in handy especially if you’re just starting a new family. I moved over and started working on a “rush” interactive project for one of their clients. After a successful project ending and giving a presentation to the project’s team about the project and it’s benefits I started working on our company’s webpage.

This webpage which used to look like a scanned brochure that was taken a picture off and printed on a newspaper and then re-scanned and pasted on the web as a misproportioned gif image is now a sleek and functional CMS controlled template enabled and interactively animated thing of beauty. Though it took more effort than I expected and may need some more tweaking in the future I’m now proud to tell our clients.. hey check out the web page if you want to know more.

I cannot stress enough how important a decent looking webpage is for a company. Hopefully some will listen. Ironically enough working for web design and development for other companies leaves my webpage in the shadows. Thankfully most of it is at the moment in wordpress which means if I get tired of how it looks I can always just change the template to something else :).



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