To the future we look…

The interesting thing about the future is that it is not yet here, it is not certain, and it is not written. However we can predict tendencies and probabilities. There’s a high probability now days that education as we know it has to change or die. Today’s education system does not work… Einstein knew this, we know this and you know this. In fact the education system itself knows this although they will deny it for as long as they have to.

What can anyone do? In most cases nothing, however in very special cases… one can work in pro of a future where quality education is provided, where dynamic and interactive education is available anywhere. Working in pro of a future where the digital, the printed, the virtual and the physical are available and entwined in ways we have not yet seen. This is part of the goals we will be working towards. Together educators, designers, programmers, artists and public can shape the system to a point where our kids can develop their skills and sharpen their minds to accomplish whatever goals they so desire.

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