CSS generator (Box, Text, Gradiant) Shadows and more

Made using Shape Generator

As a designer sometimes you have to go and venture the depths of the internet in search for tools that will help you accomplish quick and easy repetitive tasks. Sometimes you have to make a box shadow or a box button or some gradient or some text shadow to make your designs pop. This is where hard working people that make the “generators” get their glory. This is an example of one such Generator sites. There’s sites for generating css triangles and shapes too among other tutorials and sites like this one that gather them in “best 20” style which is awesome for us to go fetch.

There’s an old saying. If the wheel is already invented why make it again. As designers we can re-design and re-shape it but re-making it is a waste of time and effort for production based designers like myself. I give the thanks to those who make the code and scripts needed those who fiddle and prod at the code to make it react with new found life and vibrance so that others can make use of it and say hey… that dude did an awesome job thanks to your code and hopefully one day we can share the results of the combined effort and one day maybe even give something back to the developing community in hopes of a better designed and better scripted internet.

Those are my two cents inspired by the many coders, scripters and and developpers out there. I thank you all.

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