The stone outside the river. 2009

Back in 2009 I wrote this motivational article. I currently don’t remember where or If I posted it so I’m re-posting it here for safekeeping. I hope it still helps someone out there 🙂

Stone outside the river
The Stone Outside the River: 2009 JCP (motivational / philosophical – category)

A stone that is left out of the river’s embrace will become chipped and rough once again for the winds and the elements hit it with such power that not even its hardness compares. Eventually after becoming rough and chipped it starts breaking and eventually turns to what can be described as sand and the wind carries it with it and spreads it out no longer a rock… no longer whole. If the rock is tossed back into the river or by chance falls in again, after some time it may become smooth again however it will be diminished and smaller compared to its previous state however it will stay whole and complete for longer. Though eventually it will turn to sand as well. 

This applies to every being, creature, beast, element animal or mineral. When taken out of it’s “habitat” or when exposed to greater amounts of pressure, tension or any other harmful environment they will turn rough, chip and eventually break.

It is highly recommended to return to ones roots, to the cleaner, more peacefully surroundings or to change to a more healthy one on a regular basis to in turn elongate the duration of the smooth and fluent being that shines its best and brightest when not diffused by harmful situations.

This is highly applied to many aspects of men’s life, especially experienced in the workplace and sometimes in other personal aspects of life. 

A man who becomes displeased, tense, angered or disappointed will turn to dust in a sense. As a basis man’s main genetic disposition is for hunter/provider usually working with a team to achieve a common goal. When the goal is not particularly clear or when the game is low the dispositions will change and the goal will not be met. Most hunters who fail to hunt or gather enough food risk not only their own lives but those of their family and even the whole community in the process. 

Eventually man came to realize he needed careful planning, and to keep moving to other more plentiful zones where more game was available. A change in surroundings brought with it new challenges to keep them motivated and new benefits to keep them at ease, more food to keep them well fed and strong and the promise of better more fruitful days.
This type of change affected man not only physically but psychologically, emotionally and even in some cases spiritually.

This is a skill that must be kept even in today’s civilization for society itself depends on constant change to renew itself or it will collapse and crumbles.

So go back into your river, your place of zen or move to a new one so that you may be refreshed and restored for longer better days ahead.


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