The Shattered Golem

I’m working on making a Short-burst mission rpg… mostly browling missions for now. I’m considering expanding the capabilities of the game once I have the basic mechanics working.

  • Basic set 3 heroes to chose from (warrior, ranger, mage)
  • Basic attacks either magic or physical.

I’m very early already have my menu draft set and my “bar scene” where you get to choose the characters and the missions.
I’m working on the Field part where you actually will be fighting. Still a long ways to go.
Warrior waiting for his mission:
Greatly improved the character from this old version…
I used a trick I learned making the simple spaceship template to make this “accent” light for the bar scene.
I hope you guys like how it’s looking so far. I have a ton of work to do yet.


Here’s an update on my pre-flight combat system. I’m working on an event card system in which the cards you play (per turn) determine what you can do… I need to restock the cards on certain situations which I’m working on as I write this.
Here’s an example of how it’s looking.

Hard Attack


Normal Attack




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