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The Baiden Region intro animation campaign

Working on this animation

Working on this animation

I finally decided on try my luck out and use the indiegogo service to fund the completion of the intro animation. As soon as that intro animation is made I can focus on other aspects of the project such as creating an app for the campaign setting and make even more animations in the process.

You can find the campaign here.

With everyone’s help hopefully we can get a cool product out there. I’ll be adding links to the Blender site as I’m actually using Blender as my 3d animation software.

My original model was made in poser but playing around with Blender made me decide I should just make my own so that it would be completely original which also lets me make it look a bit more like the drawing when It’s done than an actual “poser model”. I’ll be refining it a bit more before the final product, however shes just one of several models I have to work on.

The Baiden Region

I’m adding a new section inside the galleries that will link to the project page I’m working on for a personal animation project I have. The project is a campaign setting taken to the next level and I’m making an introductory animation for it as well.

This is a big complicated project with lots of details and I’m taking it step by step, doing my research and working the kinks out.

I was originally designing the character in Daz3d and Poser but recently have started fiddling with the idea of just making everything from scratch like I’m doing with the environment. I’m currently using Blender for the project.

Direct link to the project page.