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Stress sketches.

I’ve always sketched on my notebooks. Ever since I can remember. It actually helped me, when I was on classes, to remember what they gave in class even if I didn’t take any notes.

When at work however It takes an interesting form. I start gradually taking shots at the paper sometimes one line at a time or one detail at a time. Eventually some of the “random” shapes start taking interesting aspects.

It occurred to me some time ago to actually keep all the notebooks from my previous works in case I came upon some creative block so that I could channel or re-visit the creativity encased in those “random” sketches.

As a result I have amassed several notebooks with tons of sketches and doodles trapped between the notes and textual content of whatever I was doing that day.

Some of the sketches got pretty creative. I have one doodle that was stained by coffee and I decided to finish the job and color the drawing with the coffee and do some line work on it. Note most of these drawings are not measured or planned works of art. Just some overworked randomness.

Here are some of the sketches I managed to “rescue” for future consideration:

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After writing part of this article I actually checked some online articles with similar theme:

There are many other articles dealing with this trough the internet just search for art therapy or stress and art and/or drawing.

It is my personal belief that sketching inside and around your notes will help relieve stress and in my case it has the added benefit of helping me remember the actual notes I took… I’m guessing it has to do with memory somewhere too so try and apply it to your work and see what you can gain from it. You may be surprised of the end results either way.

Goatsukah Game update 2 with features.

Finally took a little night time to deal with some issues I had with the game and how it’s going to be.
At the moment this is a platform/action game that takes some inspiration from games like Castlevania(Konami) and Megaman(Capcom) among many others that I’ve been playing over the years.

I’ll be posting some features that i’m implementing to make things easier and or more challenging for the hero depending on what they do during the game.

Gather Nourishment aura:

The invisible aura that gathers nurishment for the hero.

The invisible aura that gathers nourishment for the hero.

The Gather Nourishment Aura(GNA) is an invisible force around our hero that works like a magnet for blood specks around him.

as he goes close the blood follows him

as he goes close the blood follows him

The thing about the GNA is that is not precise the blood specks will move to the location where you were originally when the aura got close enough to “incite” them which will be an interesting mechanic to later play with as you could potentially gather a whole bunch into a place and then just take them. That not only looks kinda cool when moving they also may help in certain boss battles.

The idea is that eventually as the game progresses you get larger radius for the GNA and maybe be able to use it in your favor with other items, this is still a bit experimental.

As an aesthetic feature I also added a particle generator based “puffer” to the feet of our hero so when he lands it creates a neat effect. I was also able to use the same (or rather similar) concept for the “boss fight” wall closing down on you. I guess I could use that for falling blocks, and stuff like that too I’m still in the highly experimental stage of development so Ideas are just starting to tie in together.

The main idea is to get as many working features as I can together in one stage so I can implement them in different ways in the next stages to come. I have my stages already planned in terms of where the story will take you, what animation clips I want in between stages, what the bosses will be and how you will be progressing through the game. The little details and some mechanics are still being worked on with great success so far.

I also made what the basic interface will look like.

basic HUD/interface so far

basic HUD/interface so far

I hope to have much more updated and finished later so that it’s actually playable other than just walking/jumping and navigating around. Maybe some enemies to fight and some traps on the way who knows.